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Babb Academy brings the brightest minds together to educate and deliver an exceptional learning experience. Born out of a need for a stellar educational opportunity with no red tape and highly engaging classes that help students and professionals learn and master content, Babb Academy plays an instrumental role in helping people achieve success based on their definition.


Students have an opportunity to take courses to increase their awareness and knowledge of a subject with a superb instructor who has proven to be an expert in their field.

Professionals can choose from courses that excite them, propel their career, or allow them to learn an entirely new trade for a career change - or a hobby.

Organizations can select from pre-built courses and training for specific purposes, such as Human Resources training or Organizational Policies. They can also opt to have courses built for them specifically, or for a team of employees looking for professional development or team training.

Universities can send students to Babb Academy to help them with fundamental through advanced subjects; for additional assistance in basic math and writing to advanced topics that will improve their depth of understanding in complex subjects.

As educators first and foremost, our instructors keep their focus on helping people pursue their dreams and goals in a systematic and organized way so they can achieve success. We believe that having a successful career and a fulfilling life - not just a job - is key to happiness, and gives us a sense of purpose and direction. The way to achieve that is through professional development, believing you can succeed, and taking the necessary steps to educate yourself to become what will make you happiest. Babb Academy plays an instrumental role in helping people achieve success.

What We Do

  • Course Hosting +

    Do you have a course developed or content you'd like hosted in our learning management system? We offer this option, and you may be able to sell your course on our site too! Read More
  • Course Development +

    Our subject matter experts develop courses for professionals, students, teams and organizations.
  • Certificate of Completion +

    Want your student or team member to have a certificate to certify they completed a course with us? We can custom create what you need.
  • Training and Skill Development for Business +

    Learn an entirely new trade or field of expertise, or enhance your knowledge in your current one.
  • Master the Fundamentals +

    Are you a student struggling with fundamentals such as writing and math? Take a class with a subject expert for extra help.
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Dr. Dani Babb

Founder & CEO
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Bill Nazur

Real Estate Instructor


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We work with hundreds of professors who have thousands of hours of experience in online learning.
If we don't already have what you need, we can build it.

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