In this course, you will learn how to transition into the world of online education as a professor. Whether you want to quit your day job altogether, or you want to supplement your income by sharing your knowledge with others, this introductory course will teach you what you need to be prepared for a career in online education, where the jobs are, what kind of money you can earn, and what materials you need available for your new career! It includes practical, hands-on advice and knowledge you can immediately apply to begin hunting for your dream job. Sharing the real life day-to-day experiences of being an online professor, Dr. Dani Babb will also help you determine if teaching online is right for you.


Learning Objectives:

  • Plan your step by step entry into the world of online education
  • Prepare a Curriculum Vitae, vital to your job hunt
  • Determine how much income you can realistically make as an online educator
  • Identify whether this is a good career choice for you
  • Prepare documents you will need to submit to universities to land a teaching job
  • Know what is required of online professors
  • Understand how to hunt for teaching jobs online

Your Instructor

Dani BabbDr. Dani Babb

Dr. Dani Babb, Founder of Babb Academy and instructor, has been teaching since the 1990s online and works with online educators to deliver the best possible quality courses and curriculum to students, teams and professionals. Dani has 15 years experience in information technology, where she worked her way from help desk technician to VP of IT for a multimillion dollar Fortune 500 company. Dani's PhD is in Organizational Leadership with a Technology Emphasis, and her Masters is in Business with a Technology specialization. After leaving the tech industry as an employee and becoming an online educator and business owner, Dani wrote the first-ever book on how to get started teaching online, now in its second edition. To help jumpstart a new teaching career, Dani teaches a course on getting started teaching online, and how to begin your career as an online educator that you can find here on Babb Academy.

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