We are here to help you. Let us show you the strategies for finding online teaching and instructional design jobs that will provide you with an extra source of income!

Dr. Dani Babb and Dr. Tara Ross are experienced online professors who have lived through the changes in the higher education industry in the last 15 years. In their roles as professors, designers, higher education administrators, and consultants they have seen the industry from many sides, and understand what it takes to get hired.


They have learned:

  • how to gain the attention of job recruiters
  • what needs to go into your “teaching toolkit” so that you’re ready to saturate the market with your applications
  • how to get professional recommendations when you no longer have connections in higher education
  • how to show your experience teaching when you are just starting out
  • why social media and website presence is crucial to gaining online authority and jobs
  • how teaching online has led to other income streams that anyone can explore!

Why should you listen to us?

We have the experience. We have:

  • Published books on the higher education industry, with the industry standard, Make Money Teaching Online, providing guidance for hundreds of people who wanted to be an online instructor
  • Published a book on social media, Daily Actions for Social Media Mastery: 75 Daily Challenges to Help you Expand your Reach, Build your Platform, and Establish your Online Authority
  • … and brand new book (launched January 1, 2014), Daily Actions for Social Networking Success: Building Social Media Relationships to Launch your Brand and Career
  • 15 years each in higher education – as professors, deans, department chairs, instructional designers, and consultants.
  • Led popular membership groups, both free and paid, to help those interested in teaching jobs come together to network, receive exclusive leads, and gain insight from members
  • Privately coached individuals wanting to fast track their entry into online teaching and instructional design
  • Privately coached individuals wanting to develop a personalized social media strategy for teaching and entrepreneurial goals
  • Developed social media profiles (Facebook professor pages, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter accounts), video trailers, and YouTube channels for education clients
  • Designed professor websites to help clients establish online authority and develop multiple income streams
  • Created the client-favorite Curriculum Vitae template based on research from deans, and reviewed and/or built CVs for clients with success.

In this intensive boot camp you will receive:

  • Weekly audio training sessions led by Dani and Tara to give you the tools you need to saturate the online teaching job market!
  • Weekly action items we guide you through to build your Teacher Toolkit that will be critical in your ability to get jobs.
  • A thorough, individual review of your current CV to provide you guidance on how to maximize it based on what deans want to see, and what HR systems filter for!
  • A thorough, individual review of your LinkedIn profile after you have updated your CV per the feedback provided and uploaded it to LinkedIn
  • Ongoing accountability and support in our private Facebook group for the duration of the boot camp where you can network with your peers and gain valuable insight!
  • A list of institutions of higher education that hire online faculty
  • One free month of job leads in your field delivered to your email
  • A copy of the crucial chapters from Dani’s book, Make Money Teaching Online, in which she shares with you the hunt for online teaching jobs and what to expect in the interview.
  • A copy of Tara’s book, Daily Actions for Social Networking Success, in which she shares the social media strategies you need to be using to connect with higher education recruiters and influencers.

Your Teach Online Boot Camp schedule will be:

  • Recorded asynchronous webinars – Online training webinar that is recorded and available for asynchronous learning anytime
  • Weekly workbooks to complete to help guide you completing the needed content for teaching online.
  • Anytime interaction and accountability with Dani, Tara, and your peers throughout the month in our private Facebook group.
  • Weekly goals to achieve in building your professor “brand”.

Because we want to see you succeed, we are keeping the price low for the value we are offering. We are teachers…not marketing experts…and like teachers, we want to see you be successful! Rather than purchasing the above items individually, we are offering this package deal along with our instruction and time to help you succeed.

Here is a breakdown of the value:

$1000 – Consulting
$99 - CV review and template
$69 – LinkedIn review
$69 – Enhanced list of Universities that hire online adjunct faculty
$11/field – weekly job leads delivered to your email

As you can see, the Boot Camp we are offering comes with incredible value. You will also receive a value deal in the price.


Your Instructors

Dani BabbDr. Dani Babb

Dr. Dani Babb, Founder of Babb Academy and instructor, has been teaching since the 1990s online and works with online educators to deliver the best possible quality courses and curriculum to students, teams and professionals. Dani has 15 years experience in information technology, where she worked her way from help desk technician to VP of IT for a multimillion dollar Fortune 500 company. Dani's PhD is in Organizational Leadership with a Technology Emphasis, and her Masters is in Business with a Technology specialization. After leaving the tech industry as an employee and becoming an online educator and business owner, Dani wrote the first-ever book on how to get started teaching online, now in its second edition. To help jumpstart a new teaching career, Dani teaches a course on getting started teaching online, and how to begin your career as an online educator that you can find here on Babb Academy.

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Tara RossDr. Tara Ross

​I'm Dr. Tara Ross, and am an author, branding specialist and college professor.​ I wrote the social media bestsellers, Social Media Mastery and Social Networking Success. ​I run the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, teaching courses for busy professionals who want to develop their business skills so they can develop a Laptop Lifestyle. I also guide those who want to create digital products (ebooks, online courses, and website content) for their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

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